About Our Book

This site exists so people can find The Liturgy Committee Handbook by Thomas Baker and Frank Ferrone, published in 1998 by Twenty-Third Publications and now available for free download on this site. It’s one of the few books intended for parish liturgy committees at every stage of their organization’s life. So whether your group is just getting started or ready for new challenges, whether you have a great group or suffer from conflict and boredom, we try hard to be of practical assistance.

We do wish to point out that someĀ of the books we refer to in Appendix A, A Basic Liturgy Bookshelf, may well have gone out of print. In addition, our references to various editions of the church’s liturgy documents may also be out of date, since many new documents have been issued since our original publication in 1998.

Restrictions: You may redistribute these files or print as many copies of these chapters as you would like. All we request (since we are still the copyright holders of this material) is that you give us credit as the authors and include a link to this site. You may not sell or republish these documents or use them for any commercial purpose.

Introduction (203 KB)

Chapter 1: The Problem, and Some Solutions (265 KB)

Chapter 2: Politics (261 KB)

Chapter 3: Membership (236 KB)

Chapter 4: Leadership (241 KB)

Chapter 5: The Agenda (272 KB)

Chapter 6: How to Talk about Liturgy (294 KB)

Epilogue: Lighten Up (207 KB)

Appendix A: A Basic Liturgy Bookshelf (224 KB)

Appendix B: What Does a Charter Look Like? (216 KB)

We are grateful to our friends at Twenty-Third Publications for providing us with these files.